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Be prepared for severe weather with our board-up service.

Are you the recent victim of storm damages? Are you interested in preventing damage when a storm in on the way? Severe weather is not uncommon to an area like Dallas, TX Metroplex. While not located directly on the coast, we can still experience severe storms, high-force winds and other forms of weather than can be damaging to properties. Here at Superior Emergency Restoration, we want to ensure that the weather, damaging as it may be, does not necessarily cause more damage with our board-up service options.

Board-up Service in Dallas, TX Metroplex

When you contact us for board-up service, we will quickly come to your home and assess your boarding needs. Whether the storm has passed, or you are suspecting that a storm is heading your way, a board-up service is a great way to ensure that you do not receive further damages such as theft, break-ins, broken windows, etc., at your Charlotte area property.

When our team provides your property with board-up services, we are providing you with temporary windows, doors and security. Our team will expertly board your windows, doors and other openings with plywood. This strong, relatively inexpensive and accessible material works well before, during and after storms as a temporary fix to both protect and prevent further damages. Furthermore, many insurance companies in areas that are frequently hit by severe weather require board-up services to ensure your coverage after a storm has passed.

If you have questions about our many services, including board-up services, we want to help answer them for you. For more information or to set up an appointment, please give us a call today.