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Many new technologies eventually make their way into commercial applications that help us on a daily basis. That is absolutely true of thermal imaging. Breakthroughs in the late 1990s enabled thermal imaging camera makers to marry an uncooled detector to older thermal cameras, allowing lower-cost versions of what is officially known as a microbolometer to be introduced to the market. One of the main advantages of the microbolometer is that it has no moving components and so is less prone to failure. It is also less expensive to make, allowing thermal imaging camera manufacturers to significantly reduce the price of their equipment.

Since then, thermal imaging technology has allowed Superior Emergency Restoration personnel to check for water entry without ripping up carpet or cutting through drywall. Its use has proven to be a cost and time-saving when it comes to finding and fixing water damage. Superior Emergency Response experts now employ this intriguing technology in a variety of ways, including swiftly and simply showing property owners and insurance adjusters more vivid photographic documentation of the problem, as well as providing affirmative confirmation that the problem has been corrected. Thermal imaging may also detect electrical circuits and breakers that are malfunctioning, as well as leaks in concrete foundations.

Superior Emergency Response personnel are thoroughly educated and prepared to deliver the benefits of advanced thermal imaging to every claim site, accelerating restoration and saving time and money. Never be afraid to request this cutting-edge technology wherever and whenever you want it.