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Our experts can help with all the components of fire & smoke damage cleanup.

When people think of fire & smoke damage, they often think of burned items or a smoke-damaged wall. While these are certainly crucial components of fire damage, many of us don’t realize that fire & smoke damage goes beyond the burned portions and the smoke, but also encompasses persistent smoke odors, soot in the HVAC system, and electrical issues due to damaged wiring. Here at Superior Emergency Restoration, we want to help you if you have been through the tragic, damaging effects of a fire, and we are ready to help with our fire & smoke damage restoration services.

Fire & Smoke Damage in Dallas, TX Metroplex

If you have recently had an issue with a fire in the Dallas, TX Metroplex area, we can help you take care of the fire & smoke damage. We have a team of experts with over 40 years of combined experience who are ready to take on any issue that your property can dish out, including fire damage, smoke and soot damage, and even water or chemical damage from the extinguishing of the fire. We always go above and beyond to help ensure that we can save your materials when possible and take special care to rid your property of any evidence that there was ever a fire– including smoke odors and soot.

Here at Superior Emergency Restoration, we are a family owned and operated company that excels in putting the needs of our customers first. If you are the recent victim of a fire, we want to help you clean up the fire & smoke damage. Give us a call at any time, day or night, for help with this issue.


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