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Let our team take care of your disaster restoration needs with professionalism and superior customer care.

At Superior Emergency Restoration, we are here to ensure that you have a better experience in the trying process of disaster restoration! We understand that having your Dallas, TX Metroplex property damaged by storms or disaster is jarring to say the least, and we are here to make it right once more. We can help restore damage caused by many different types of disasters, including:

Disaster Restoration in Dallas, TX Metroplex

  • Fire/Smoke. Have you been affected by a fire? Do you have smoke damage everywhere? Don’t hesitate to call. The longer the soot has been sitting, the harder it is to clean the walls and structure as the acid that comes with soot is very strong and can carve into the affected areas. Industry standard chemicals with an acid level meant for soot is what we use to take care of any fire/smoke mitigation.
  • Water/Flood. It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause a lot of damage. No matter the source of your water, whether it was a storm or a pipe leaking, we will remove and safeguard against mold growth.
  • Storm Damages. Knocked down trees, damaged roofing and flooding are just some of the damages you might experience after a storm. We are here to not only help remove the damage from areas which need to be replaced, but to tarp and board up the property to prevent further issues during disaster restoration.
  • Mold. Did you know there are over 5,000 types of mold? With our industry standard mold-removing chemicals, we can tackle any amount or any type of mold. After each remediation we finish with an indoor air quality test inside the affected chamber compared to the unaffected chamber to know the mold has been removed.

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